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The siRNAs were prediluted in 100 μl serumfree RPMI medium. Subsequently, 2–5 μl X-tremeGENE siRNA Transfection Reagent was diluted in 100 μl serumfree RPMI medium and combined with the siRNA dilution as recommended by the manufacturer. The 200-μl mixture was incubated for 20 min at room temperature and added to cells.
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Human Genome siRNA Libraries Two Dharmacon siRNA SMARTpool libraries were used for primary screening. Both were arrayed such that each library well contained one pool of four siRNA duplexes directed against one gene. A smaller library of 509 SMARTpools that covered most of the kinases in the human genome (Dharmacon siARRAY siRNA
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Human siGENOME siRNA Library - Deubiquitinating Enzymes (0.5 nmol library) from Horizon Discovery
Validated Antibody Database (VAD) and a comprehensive information resource for antibodies, siRNA/shRNA, ELISA, cDNA clones, proteins/peptides, and biochemicals Dharmacon's proprietary SMARTselection(TM) and SMARTpool® technologies result in potent and specific gene-silencing agents that can accelerate life-science research and drug discovery. Dharmacon's siGENOME(TM), a comprehensive and flexible siRNA collection, offers guaranteed silencing reagents for all unique human, mouse and rat genes.
Oct 28, 2013 · “pro-N3” complexes in ( 42). No other changes to the synthesis protocols were made. siRNA transfection Subconfluent glioma cells were transfected with siRNA oligonucleotides nonsense control (Dharmacon), siL12-1 (GGAGGACAGGCGGACCAGC), and siL12-2 (CUACAGAACAGCUCCACCA) at concentrations of 1 nM, 50 nM, and 100 nM using RT-PCR (Support Protocol 1), or western blot analysis (Support Protocol 2). As funda-mental processes for the validation of the siRNA-mediated silencing, we describe RNA isolation and protein collection following transfections. In addition, a dual-reporter sys-tem can be used for rapid and reliable screening for siRNA sequences (Support ... Sep 04, 2018 · The siRNAs were screened either individually (Ambion and Qiagen), or in pools of four (Dharmacon siGENOME), in 3 different batcterial-infection assays (B. abortus, B. henselae, and S. typhimurium). The model assumed that each siRNA silenced its on-target gene to the same level.
The pre-shRNA is then cleaved by Dicer and TRBP/PACT, removing the hairpin and creating a 20-25 nt double-stranded siRNA with 2 nt 3' overhangs at each end. This active siRNA is then loaded onto the RISC complex. Once loaded onto the RISC, the process of target mRNA recognition and degradation by both shRNA and siRNA is essentially the same.RTF siRNA Library Protocol Overview. Step 1 – Combine DharmaFECT siRNA transfection reagent (or other optimized transfection reagent of choice) and Dharmacon ™ DharmaFECT cell culture reagent (DCCR). Step 2 – Add mixture from Step 1 to RTF siRNA Library plates to rehydrate the SMARTpool siRNA and form transfection reagent: siRNA complexes.
UPF1 (Dharmacon, Chicago, IL) or non-specific siRNA. BMC Medical Genomics 2009, ... The Agilent GE2-v5_95 protocol was applied using default settings. ( D ) Immunoblots of nuclear extracts of GIST T1 cells transfected with control siRNA or COP1 Smartpool siRNA for 48h. (E) TCF/LEF reporter activity as detected by luciferase of GIST T1 cells transfected with a negative reporter or a TCF/LEF reporter, and control siRNA or COP1 Smartpool siRNA for 48h, Bars, mean ± SEM. Student’s t test; *** P
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